Luxury Apartment for sale in Geneva

A visionary designer, I have become the creator of a new "Art de Vivre".

G. Faivre Real Estate Geneva proposes entirely renovated, decorated and furnished prestigious apartments and properties for sale in Geneva where you are able to settle in within 24 hours. The concept by Gérard Faivre Geneva is a global vision. The concept takes the painstaking search for a property, apartment, and the delays due to renovation and decoration off the shoulders of the purchaser as well as offering more guarantees.

The concept by Gérard Faivre Paris maximises comfort and pleasure by providing hotel service and legal services to purchasers of apartments if they so wish.

Concept in a nutshell "Luxury Apartment"

  • Entirely renovated, decorated and furnished ready-to-live-in properties and apartments in cooperation with leading international brands.
  • Be the owner of a property, apartment within one month and move in on the day of acquisition
  • You instantly get what would have meant 2 years of waiting
  • Hotel service
  • Legal service

  • Time and money saving
  • Detailed and all-inclusive pricing of the apartment
  • No price drifts and no delays for the apartment
  • Ten year warranty for the apartment